Why Buy a New Bathtub, When You Can Refinish It?

There is nothing quite like relaxing in a soothing bath after a long day’s work. But when your tub is dingy and old, it might not be your first though. Bathtub refinishing Baltimore could be your solution to restoring your tub to its former glory, and leading to a refreshing nighttime soak.

Refinishing a tub, rather than replacing it, is normally done on older models that have a history behind them. People love the aesthetic of a beautiful tub. They typically are made of high quality material that will stand the test of time, though they are prone to fading and yellowing.

Using a professional grade coating, trained refinishers will meticulously paint over your existing tub’s surface. The non-porous, high-gloss finish is expected to withstand considerable amounts of damage and never yellow or fade. This could be the solution to permanently restoring your bathtub.

Many refinishers are able to mix color into their finishing product, presenting you with a unique opportunity to customize your bathtub. The process usually only takes a few hours, then a 24 hour setting period. Afterwards, you’re free to use your tub as often as you’d like.

Relax with candles, read a good book, wash the dog, or any other number of bath time activities. You’ll be so in love with the glamor of your new tub that you’ll never want to leave its sight.

There are many DIY options available through a quick internet search, but none have yielded such lofty results as those done by the professionals. If you want a quick fix while you save up for a brand new tub that might be the option for you.

Bathtub refinishing Baltimore

If you’re selling your house, the state of your tub will be a huge asset or detriment to potential buyers. Ensure that it’s in pristine condition.